Art direction

Altius Lawyers

Icw Julie Dutordoir

Logo design, art direction and brand identity for an independent full-service Belgian law firm with an international focus. Goal was also to create original images representing the firms different facets. Diane Hendrickx took care of the photography, Siska Loraine was consulted for styling.


Pulp Inc Igepa

Icw Anne Devos, Igepa

Art direction, composition and design for ‘Pulp Inc’, a corporate magazine promoting the use of paper from the Igepa collection.

De Dagen

Icw Silvie Moors

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign for De Dagen, a literary organisation directed by Silvie Moors that shares literature with vulnerable people in vulnerable places.



Icw Julie Dutordoir

Logo design, art direction and total branding for IBJ – the Institute of Company Lawyers, the federal professional body for regulated company lawyers in Belgium.



Xavier & Alix

Logo design, brand identity, art direction and signage for ‘Xavier, finest coffee’, a brand new coffee corner and versatile meeting place near Ghent. Diane Hendrickx took care of the photography for this project.


Once upon a time

Icw Anne Devos, Igepa

Concept, art direction, illustrations and design for ‘Once upon a time’. An empty notebook promoting the use of Igepa coloured papers using famous fairytales as a binding theme. Henry van de Velde label 2015.


Icw Tony Leduc

Catalogue design for the dual exhibition featuring Frans Snijders and Tony Leduc.