Gent Xtra Bold

Published by Lannoo / Henry van de Velde label 2015 / ©Sanny Winters

A positive and colourful book with the city of Artevelde in the title role. A hundred typographical prints immortalise the icons of Ghent. The things that make Ghent proud, the turning points in its history, the customs, the most fascinating places and the greatest heroes. All this resulted in an exhibition at Design Museum Ghent.

A book by Sanny Winters.

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C41 Exposure

Series of images capturing striking occasions/ situations/ newsfacts that took place in the year 2012, resulting in an exhibition at gallery C41 Exposure in Antwerp.

Images by Sanny Winters.

Le createur

Design Flanders

Poster created in 2012 as free work for the expo ’21’. Expo ’21’ was organised by the former Design Vlaanderen, celebrating 20 years of their Kwintessens Magazine. Several graphic designers were asked to design a poster for this event, representing their ‘personal statement’.