Covers & Art Direction

Weekly cover design and art direction for HUMO independent magazine.

Art direction Tim Oeyen.


Jeanne Boden & Sanny Winters / published by O&W

How can we visualize cultural differences and alternative reference frameworks? Artist Sanny Winters and Sinologist Jeanne Boden decided to do it with aesthetics, philosophy and poetry. They created the book Mirror, a book about East and West, but most of all about how we look at ourselves.

MIRROR is sold out.


Icw Sarah Rombouts

Brand identity and several campaign designs for ‘Stormopkomst’, a multidisciplinary art festival for children and adults organised by Sarah Rombouts. several posters and brochures, all inspired by a new logo based on the different directions of the wind.


Belgium Xtra Bold

Published by Lannoo / Henry van de Velde label 2014 / © Sanny Winters

The Belgian. Does he exist? Setting all bias aside, I embarked on a quest. In search of our strengths, of the things and people that make us feel proud. In search of those pivotal moments in our history that still bind us together. In search of our peculiarities, including those we would rather sweep under the carpet.

A book by Sanny Winters.

Big Bang Festival

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign for ‘Big Bang Festival’, an international adventurous music festival for a young audience, organised by Zonzo Compagnie.

De Boekendokter

Icw Silvie Moors, De Dagen

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign for ‘De Boekendokter’, a project of DE DAGEN. ‘De Boekendokter’ listens, reads and shares book tips. Live, on the phone and by email.




Different cover illustrations for Knack magazine. Aylan, Doel Tihange, Bxl 22 march.

Illustrations by ©Sanny Winters.

The Bright Side of Belgium

Published by Luster

Graphic design and numerous illustrations for an inspiring book and a passionate ode to some of Belgium’s most beautiful cities and regions. The various chapters discuss the architecture, art, cuisine, fashion and design of Belgium, and include lists of the best places to shop, eat, sleep and drink.

Buy poster ‘Antwerp’

Just A perfect day

Published by Oeyen en Winters, ©Sanny Winters

Newspaper published in the end-of-year period of 2019, to draw attention to the birth of any child of any origin, using the well-known Christmas story.

A book by Sanny Winters.


Isw Koca

Series of clear images and teaching materials for deaf foreign-language newcomers in Belgium commissioned by KOCA. Clarity and legibility took priority, but beauty and pleasure were also important in this project.

Pulp Inc Igepa

Icw Anne Devos, Igepa

Art direction, composition and design for ‘Pulp Inc’, a corporate magazine promoting the use of paper from the Igepa collection.

Stevens Print

Fine printing

Brand identity for a top quality printing firm. Instead of yet another sales brochure, we developed a story telling what a quality printing firm stands for. All this to reach the right target audience.