De Wereld van Bruegel

Icw Terenja Van Dijk and Bokrijk open air museum

Brand identity, illustrations, signage and campaign for ‘De Wereld van Bruegel’, an exhibition in Bokrijk open air museum in the context of Bruegel 2019.


Icw Sarah Rombouts

Brand identity and several campaign designs for ‘Stormopkomst’, a multidisciplinary art festival for children and adults organised by Sarah Rombouts. several posters and brochures, all inspired by a new logo based on the different directions of the wind.


Big Bang Festival

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign for ‘Big Bang Festival’, an international adventurous music festival for a young audience, organised by Zonzo Compagnie.

Kommilfoo & Mich walschaerts

Icw Lanoye productions

Campaign design for several productions by Kommilfoo. ‘Schoft’, photography by Johan Jacobs, ‘Mich zingt’, photography by Thomas Dhanens.



Logo, art direction and campaign design for ‘No Waste’ in cooperation with Chris Van Gils (Content Moon). Website and magazine design that both provide information about the correct use of the refrigirator, plus recipies to use leftovers in the kitchen. Also created; small videos starring Dimitri Leue!
Photography was taken care of by Studio Verne, drawings were made by Tom Schoonooghe.



Echt Goed, Bioplanet


Art direction and design for the Bioplanet ‘Echt Goed’ campaign in cooperation with Chris Van Gils (Contentmoon). This resulted in several newspapers. Also small collectible pockets – with home made recepies – were created. Diego Franssens and Diane Hendrickx took care of the photography, drawings were made by artist Piet Raemdonck.


Icw Gerd Dierckx

Campaign design and brochures for several exhibitions by Rasa. Rasa develops and presents traveling exhibitions with contemporary art for an audience of children and young people.


Isw Koca

Series of clear images and teaching materials for deaf foreign-language newcomers in Belgium commissioned by KOCA. Clarity and legibility took priority, but beauty and pleasure were also important in this project.

Rood Water Nacht

Icw Silvie Moors, Koen Broos, Provincie Antwerpen, Published by De Dagen

Book design for a book about biodiversity with many contributors from different artistic perspectives, commisioned by the Provincie Antwerpen. Also the corresponding campaign design.

De Reuzen

Icw De Reuzen vzw, Borgerhout, Stad Antwerpen

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign design for the annual ‘Reuzenstoet’ in Borgerhout, Antwerp. Colourful posters, brochures and signage, reaching different target groups in Borgerhout/Antwerpen.