Art direction


Covers & Art Direction

Weekly cover design and art direction for HUMO independent magazine.

Art direction Tim Oeyen.

Tiberghien Lawyers

Icw Anne Devos

Logo design, art direction and brand identity for a leading tax law firm specialising in providing client-focused solutions to complex and legal tax issues. With offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt, Ghent and Luxembourg.


Atfield Sportslaw

Icw Anne Devos

Logo design, art direction and brand identity for a top sportslaw firm. Atfields provides highly-specialised and sector-specific legal advice to athletes, teams and other stakeholders. Koen Broos was asked for the photography.



ICW Inne Goris & Koen Broos

Brochure design for youth theatre performance ‘Zigzag Zigzag’. Direction and concept by Ine Goris, inspired by David Grossman’s The Zigzag Child.
Photography by Koen Broos. Production ZEVEN (BE), Manchester International Festival (UK) & music theater LOD.

De Wereld van Bruegel

Icw Terenja Van Dijk and Bokrijk open air museum

Brand identity, illustrations, signage and campaign for ‘De Wereld van Bruegel’, an exhibition in Bokrijk open air museum in the context of Bruegel 2019.

Hof Van Cleve

Peter Goossens

Logo design, brand identity and publications for three star restaurant Hof Van Cleve. Straightforward black and white typography to emphasize the honest and bold cuisine of top chef Peter Goossens.


Thierry Theys

Logo design and branding for two star restaurant Nuance. A delicate degraded blue enhances the otherwise sleek design. Challenge was to design practical yet original and classy shapes for reusable menus.

De Boekendokter

Icw Silvie Moors, De Dagen

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign for ‘De Boekendokter’, a project of DE DAGEN. ‘De Boekendokter’ listens, reads and shares book tips. Live, on the phone and by email.


Young Americans

Icw Charlie De Keersmaecker

Book design of the photographic reflections of a road trip across America by Charlie De Keersmaecker. The bold uncoated paper combines great with his strong black and white pictures.

A book by Charlie De Keersmaecker.



Logo, art direction and campaign design for ‘No Waste’ in cooperation with Chris Van Gils (Content Moon). Website and magazine design that both provide information about the correct use of the refrigirator, plus recipies to use leftovers in the kitchen. Also created; small videos starring Dimitri Leue!
Photography was taken care of by Studio Verne, drawings were made by Tom Schoonooghe.



Echt Goed, Bioplanet


Art direction and design for the Bioplanet ‘Echt Goed’ campaign in cooperation with Chris Van Gils (Contentmoon). This resulted in several newspapers. Also small collectible pockets – with home made recepies – were created. Diego Franssens and Diane Hendrickx took care of the photography, drawings were made by artist Piet Raemdonck.


Icw Astrid Vanderschueren, Klaar Wouters

Art direction and graphic design for Juttugram, a newspaper distributed by Juttu conceptstore.