Jeanne Boden & Sanny Winters / published by O&W

How can we visualize cultural differences and alternative reference frameworks? Artist Sanny Winters and Sinologist Jeanne Boden decided to do it with aesthetics, philosophy and poetry. They created the book Mirror, a book about East and West, but most of all about how we look at ourselves.

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Belgium Xtra Bold

Published by Lannoo / Henry van de Velde label 2014 / © Sanny Winters

The Belgian. Does he exist? Setting all bias aside, I embarked on a quest. In search of our strengths, of the things and people that make us feel proud. In search of those pivotal moments in our history that still bind us together. In search of our peculiarities, including those we would rather sweep under the carpet.

A book by Sanny Winters.

Just A perfect day

Published by Oeyen en Winters, ©Sanny Winters

Newspaper published in the end-of-year period of 2019, to draw attention to the birth of any child of any origin, using the well-known Christmas story.

A book by Sanny Winters.

Gent Xtra Bold

Published by Lannoo / Henry van de Velde label 2015 / ©Sanny Winters

A positive and colourful book with the city of Artevelde in the title role. A hundred typographical prints immortalise the icons of Ghent. The things that make Ghent proud, the turning points in its history, the customs, the most fascinating places and the greatest heroes. All this resulted in an exhibition at Design Museum Ghent.

A book by Sanny Winters.


Published by De Dagen / © Sanny Winters

Beloved hometown Antwerp shown in ten strong and colourful graphic images. This book resulted in an exhibition and pop-up store beneath Antwerp City Hall, with books, posters, postcards, notebooks and pencils.

A book by Sanny Winters.