Book design

Figures Infrastructures

Icw Bieke Cattoor, published by SUN publishers

Book design of a cartographic book that shows the impact of infrastructure on the development of a region in a unique way.

Gent Xtra Bold

Published by Lannoo / Henry van de Velde label 2015 / ©Sanny Winters

A positive and colourful book with the city of Artevelde in the title role. A hundred typographical prints immortalise the icons of Ghent. The things that make Ghent proud, the turning points in its history, the customs, the most fascinating places and the greatest heroes. All this resulted in an exhibition at Design Museum Ghent.

A book by Sanny Winters.


Icw André Verroken, Alden Biesen and De Mijlpaal

Unbound art catalogue for the dual exhibition of Belgian artist André Verroken and Spanish artist Edouardo Chillida at Alden Biesen Castle.


Published by De Dagen / © Sanny Winters

Beloved hometown Antwerp shown in ten strong and colourful graphic images. This book resulted in an exhibition and pop-up store beneath Antwerp City Hall, with books, posters, postcards, notebooks and pencils.

A book by Sanny Winters.

Once upon a time

Icw Anne Devos, Igepa

Concept, art direction, illustrations and design for ‘Once upon a time’. An empty notebook promoting the use of Igepa coloured papers using famous fairytales as a binding theme. Henry van de Velde label 2015.

Le Chaperon & Friends

Icw Vicky Janssens

Art direction and design for ‘Le Chaperon & Friends’. A Friends book project for ‘Le Chaperon Unlimited Online gallery’, offering an exclusive collection of everyday objects in limited series, inspired by the story of the creators.


Icw Tony Leduc

Catalogue design for the dual exhibition featuring Frans Snijders and Tony Leduc.