Oeyen & Winters

Graphic design duo since 1996
Tim Oeyen, Antwerp °1971
Sanny Winters, Antwerp °1975

Gitschotellei 331, 2140 Antwerp, Belgium
+32 478 98 10 36 Tim
+32 477 57 54 02 Sanny


Photography by Koen Broos.
Webdevelopment by Ronny Van Der Borght.

Tim Oeyen, Art Director / BadCop ©Koen Broos Sanny Winters, Art Director / GoodCop ©Koen Broos

360° O&W

Piet Raemdonck

Icw Piet Raemdonck, published by Hannibal

Book design for Piet Raemdonck’s ‘What I’ve seen and what I’ve dreamt’.

A book by Piet Raemdonck.


Icw Gerd Dierckx

Campaign design and brochures for several exhibitions by Rasa. Rasa develops and presents traveling exhibitions with contemporary art for an audience of children and young people.

Just A perfect day

Published by Oeyen en Winters, ©Sanny Winters

Newspaper published in the end-of-year period of 2019, to draw attention to the birth of any child of any origin, using the well-known Christmas story.

A book by Sanny Winters.


Isw Koca

Series of clear images and teaching materials for deaf foreign-language newcomers in Belgium commissioned by KOCA. Clarity and legibility took priority, but beauty and pleasure were also important in this project.

Pulp Inc Igepa

Icw Anne Devos, Igepa

Art direction, composition and design for ‘Pulp Inc’, a corporate magazine promoting the use of paper from the Igepa collection.

Stevens Print

Fine printing

Brand identity for a top quality printing firm. Instead of yet another sales brochure, we developed a story telling what a quality printing firm stands for. All this to reach the right target audience.


Icw Zonzo Compagnie

Brand identity, campaign design and digipack design for several projects by Zonzo productions and Zonzo records (Songs with roots).

Rood Water Nacht

Icw Silvie Moors, Koen Broos, Provincie Antwerpen, Published by De Dagen

Book design for a book about biodiversity with many contributors from different artistic perspectives, commisioned by the Provincie Antwerpen. Also the corresponding campaign design.

Figures Infrastructures

Icw Bieke Cattoor, published by SUN publishers

Book design of a cartographic book that shows the impact of infrastructure on the development of a region in a unique way.

Gent Xtra Bold

Published by Lannoo / Henry van de Velde label 2015 / ©Sanny Winters

A positive and colourful book with the city of Artevelde in the title role. A hundred typographical prints immortalise the icons of Ghent. The things that make Ghent proud, the turning points in its history, the customs, the most fascinating places and the greatest heroes. All this resulted in an exhibition at Design Museum Ghent.

A book by Sanny Winters.

De Dagen

Icw Silvie Moors

Brand identity, illustrations and campaign for De Dagen, a literary organisation directed by Silvie Moors that shares literature with vulnerable people in vulnerable places.



Icw Julie Dutordoir

Logo design, art direction and total branding for IBJ – the Institute of Company Lawyers, the federal professional body for regulated company lawyers in Belgium.